“Jan, stop doodling.”  While my fellow students were furiously taking notes in biology, I focused on drawing the textbook illustrations down to the finest detail.  Sketching the diagrams helped me make sense of the class content and improved my craft at the same time.

Attending The Art Institute of Houston, surrounded me with other people who made sense of the world through art.  Classes in typography, illustration, and interface design inspired me. Jackson Pollock and Bansky prompted me to wonder, “How will your art confront society?  How will you make an impact?” One of my professors invited me to join the Fine Arts Club, a group dedicated to filling spaces with art. I collaborated with fashion designers and architecture and engineering students to design spaces to promote their work. 

Club Posters:
Art Expo Invitation Poster, Fine Arts Club
Festival Invitation Poster, Fine Arts Club
Creative Workshop Poster, Fine Arts Club
Join The Club Invitation Poster, Fine Arts Club
Live Music Event, Audio Club
Sign Up Form, Fine Arts Club
Creative Workshop, Fine Arts Club
Join the Club Invitation Poster, Fine Arts Club
Graphic Design Workshop, Graphic Design Club
Multicultural Event, Multicultural Club

I worked in film and promoted art festivals. Each experience revealed another facet of art and design and fueled my intent to make communication design my career.

2017, Starving Artist Collab, Virtuoso Village Pop Up Gallery @ Rice Village district, Houston Texas, USA
2018, The Uncreated Show, Warehouse Studio, Houston, Texas
2018, Aether Space, Terra + Celestial: A Meditation on Color and Form @ Black Swan Yoga Kirby, Rice Village district, Houston, Texas, USA
2019, The Hardy and Nancy Studio, 10" x 10" Art Show - 2019 @ The Hardy and Nancy Studio, Downtown Houston district, Houston, USA
I want to develop a deeper understanding of how to work with corporations, small businesses, and other associations to produce striking and effective communication materials.  I want to create work that is beautiful and useful. As a graphic designer, one of my core skills is to design logos. This logo designed for Ismael Jusino Law Firm result a successful approach to the purpose and business. The logo is mostly used for letterheads, envelopes, business cards and shirts. The icon symbolize the firm with a clear readability of the title saying a clear message of who is the firm and what is the firm about.

I prepared exhibitions, coordinated with organizers, communicated with sponsors and began to develop an appreciation for the business side of art. In January 2019, I sold my first big painting at RAW Houston to Andres Rodriguez

In February 2019 I was selected to promote the Envision Festival to over 5,000 attendees. I joined a platform called SocialLadder as a brand ambassador and sold over 80 tickets by creating posters on social media and sharing content about the festival on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. 

As a native of Puerto Rico, I’m interested in learning if increasing diversity in the field of communication design can subsequently bring a love and understanding of art to a wider audience. In July 2019, I successfully designed my first illustration for a t-shirt to merchandise in EQ Heights Coffee Shop, Houston Heights, Houston, Texas, USA. This is me wearing the t-shirt with the design. Audience? Everyone and dinosaurs. A collection of posters below were designed to promote and market present and upcoming information about the products, events and offers of the shop. 
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