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Corporate Identity | Criminal Analysis | Special Project Unit

The Houston Police Department is in charge to protect the city of Houston. It consist of a team that branches to different levels and status of responsability. In this case, I will be working with the criminal analysis: special project unit. Criminal Unit  is a law enforcement function that involves systematic analysis for identifying and analyzing patterns and trends in crime and disorder. The special project unit could mean that is an exclusive plan and team.

Special Project Unit focuses on investigating the process of a crime. They investigate all the factors that reveals any case. A case is when the criminal team want to find out who committed a crime and how. There are certain ways to do this by following an order of steps. The first one is to look into the case. To go closer from starting with what happen and etc. 


The city of Houston.

A logo to be used as their brand identity, visible and easily to read, easily to target; day to day customer driven, helps the flow focus on their task.

Word list
Section, Becon, Radar, Magnifier, gun, shield, speaker, phone, helmet, light bulb, chain, food prints, blueprint, testers, pencil, folder, documents, alarm, k-9, clock, sensors, wheels, zoom, balance, hand cuffs, hand print, truck, van, cop hat, badge, star, spy, skull, chase, flag, bullet proof vest, bull; eagle; planet; space city; rocket; spiral; fire; guns; bullets; train; agricultural; dirt; charcoal; wood; iron; metal; tools; machine guns; pistols; lotus. 

Mind Map
Police, Cops, City, Units, Sectors, Downtown, Sherif, Trainees, Employees, FBI, CSI, SWAT, Super Intendent, Teacher, Investigator, Scientist, Lawyer, Judge, Secretary. 

Keep it simple; it will be print on shirts mostly; needs to be easy to recognize; less symbols the better; very honest and straight forward symbol; the symbol cannot be separate from the type; the symbol is separate from the type; the symbol and type is next to next.

I have a few questions to ask about the names and how is this functional in the logo
What does special project unit means?
Is it important to have “Special Project Unit” in the logo? 
What does the title and subtitle means to the HPD?
Is there a series of patterns that will help the department to communicate more? 
Is it optional to have “Special Project Unit” on the logo?
Is “Special Project Unit” as important as “Criminal Analysis”?

I have notice that the HPD logo has something to do with this city. 
The pictorial symbol is the planet and curved lines that represent the travel of rockets in space.
Houston is known to be the “Space City”. We hold the biggest and strongest NASA facility in this country. 

The Houston Police Department needs to be refreshed and symbolized as simple as the FBI logo for example. The FBI logo is only the name and one two colors that has helped them be recognized easily. Serif is used in the Logo, which is formal, serious and less creative. When I mean creative means that it is designed in a fun and energetic way. 
This logo must be designed with matter. With matter I mean with respect, honesty and gratitude. I have a plan to design the logo with one symbol and one typeface. 
Around Result
In the city of Houston there is around 18 County. Each County is in the radar, they monitor this sections constantly. They separate the team, into squads that are in charge of it. 

If you compare with the HPD logo it works as a zoom out. The HPD logo is zoomed out to the world, In the new logo it is zoomed in if you are looking into the world, that is Houston.  

Navy Blue, original color of the police in Houston.
Gold Yellow, original color of the place in Houston. It is also used in all police dept. because it is the star’s yellow color.

2. Logo
3. Identity Booklet
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