Drones and Cars

1. Topic Research

If we designed our cities anew today, we’d create a fundamentally different traffic system: cloud-based and capable of microscale adjustments to efficiently manage millions of cars in constant communication with each other and the network.As drones take to the skies, industry stakeholders have the opportunity to build a network that is designed to accommodate autonomous navigation from the very beginning: digital, connected, and data-driven.Autonomous navigation technology is being built vertically: each automaker is a closed system, making it difficult for second party developers (such as a contractor building a feature for a vehicle) or third party innovators (such as the inventors of a new app) to leverage autonomous vehicle platforms at scale.The price of entry into the automotive market is incredibly steep, and the industry is full of established, well-funded players.

The winning “flying car” is going to be a passenger drone, and you won’t find it cruising the highways. It will fly only and blend the best of autonomous driving technologies, ridesharing software and drone engineering. Compared to cars, drones will face fewer unpredictable obstacles in the sky and have far more options for evading accidents. The other “easy” but dicey part of passenger drones is the vehicle design. 

Charging. Currently, battery life is the biggest hurdle for drone makers that wish to increase flight times. A breakthrough in battery technology is no guarantee, but no reason to wait. Unfortunately, the FAA has been slow to address the drone industry’s call for comprehensive regulations. The existing rules, updated by the FAA in August 2016, insist that drones must be within line of sight and must always be controlled by a live operator.  Passenger drones could save Americans from spending 6.9 billion hours per year stuck in traffic.


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