Cactus (Mailer Poster)

Linzy, a small town girl living in a lonely world. Linzy us from Central, lousiana. Linzy is twenty one years old. She loves animals Her favorite animal is dogs. Linzy actually owns three dogs. Her dogs are the same size and very young. Linzy cares a lot dogs.  For linty dogs are precious. Her love for dogs is huge. Linzy loves macaronis. Her macaronis needs to have extra cheese. Her favorite second food is pickles.  Linzy enjoy to spend her time at many places. Going to the beach with her family is a great pastime during the weekend. She likes to stand on the sand, to feel the wave break on her feet and just enjoy the moment. Her family gets annoyed from this because she just loves to take a lot of pictures. Her favorite hobby is taking pictures.

She owns a professional camera that has build all of her projects. Linzy actually is her own independent photographer. From contracting with people who need portrait pictures to wedding is her starter in the industry. Her favorite jalapeno ranch from whataburger. Whataburger is her favorite place to eat her chicken nuggets with jalapeno ranch sauce. Her other favorite restaurant is Italian restaurants. Linzy is a picky eater. Because of the spaghetti is so good, she doesn’t have a preferred place. Linzy won’t subsitute spaghetti for noodles. Linzy is not too sporty of a person but she loves to go for long walks. Her dog always goes along. 

She loves to go to park and get lost in the trail. Linzy hates olives. For some reason she doesn’t love to sleep with socks. Socks make her uncomfortable. Her favorite are fuzzy socks. Linzy loves sloths. She only goes to the zoo to only see sloths. She owns a keychain sloth. One time she went to the zoo and wear a sloth hat, a sloth shirt and sloth pants. Elena is her best friend. They become best friend at a party. Linzy is upset because her best friend is leaving her. Elena is traveling to Germany for three weeks. Elena committed to meet her fiance. Linzy owns too many pairs of converse shoes. Her favorite store is Journey because she works there. Linzy has four tattoos. The first one is a cactus. The second is a mermaid. The third is a seashell. The fourth one is a drawing thing wave. They are all the same size and hard to spot. Except the cactus and the wave. This tattoos match with her hair. Her hair is brown but she once painted dye to red. Linzy wears glasses. She also wears contacts. Her hair matches with her eyes. Linzy is right handed. Her favorite phone is the iPhone. Linzy likes to the ice cream shop. With her friend Elena, they always get the same flavor. 

Their favorite flavor is cheesecake and dark chocolate. She doesn’t the cinema, only when her friend Elena gets her in for free. She will always get a popcorn and a drink. Last time Linzy went to the movies she got candy too. Her favorite font is sans-serif. 

Sans-serif makes her feel modern and eclectic. Linzy never struggles. She doesn’t like to wait in line. Linzy is very impatient. Like one time, she tried to break the piñata but she missed so many times and ripped the piñata to the floor. Linzy likes to go camping with her best friend. Her best friend never liked camping. But Linzy makes her to go camping. One time they went camping. Bugs started to attack Elena not Linzy. Linzy just laughed the whole time. And that moment Elena didn’t like camping anymore. They left from the camp site and all the way back to house, Elena kept crying and crying. Linzy love country.

She actually like everything but country is her favorite. Country make her dance. Her muse is country. She started like country because one time she went to a nascar race. Ricky Bobby was there and she met him. Linzy got so excited she took a picture with Ricky Bobby. Sadly she lost the picture. Ricky Bobby took it away for copyright protection. Linzy loves doctor pepper. She could drinking doctor pepper all day. Her favorite store to buy it is from Krogers. 

Linzy always gets a smaller count because her fridge is small. A bigger fridge will allow her to add more. The bigger fridge the more she can add. Linzy enjoys to paint. Painting is a way of therapy. Linzy likes to paint mermaids and dogs. Always keeping a wide variety of colors. As a growing artist, she is almost done with school. After Linzy graduates, she would like to expand her photography studio.

Rough Draft
Cactus (Rough Draft)
Final Composition
Cactus (Front Side)
Cactus (Back Side)
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