Brochure (Ai) (GDWA) 

This brochure is for graphic and web design. Ideas like adding images, awesome hierarchy text and presentation can lead to create an essential look to the art institute and the flow. “I’m ready to prove myself “ is a catchy phrase when you open the academic part in the website. The art institute layout is clean, simple and it uses similar colors that are seen in all the school. Principal colors are red, white and black. The current brochure for school is full of information because is for high schoolers. The text is small and is down to a size between 8-10pt. Keep the concept simple. Is better if it flows with the same shapes and forms of style. 

The graphic & web design degree program is designed to teach students how to express themselves creatively while visually communicating a message without losing sight of the end user. 

Visual Communication
Hands-on learning
Opportunity to use industry-related technology and software

Interface Design
Web Development
Understanding of Color and composition, design and technology 

Creative problem solving 
Learn to offer solutions that are effective in the business world and applicable on various mediums. 
Concept development 

Digital Cameras
Handheld devices 
Various hardware and software

The program includes the exception of assignments encountered during industry internships. 
Rough Composition
Brochure (Front Side)
Brochure (Back Side)
Final Composition
Brochure (Back Side)
Brochure (New) (Front Side)
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